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Spring Note

Chefs Good Afternoon - Its Hard for me to Believe that next week is April Already. Most, if not all of us are Open now getting back into the swing of things. In my Mind the MCF Vendor Show is always the Unofficial Start of the Season…. I personally have Received so much Great Feedback on the Vendor Show. I’m not sure where to start, from the Creativity to the Dishes, The Variety of the offerings and Abundance of Food was just Great. I have attached a few photos of the night.

I Personally did not do a Station so it’s interesting to see it from the Guest Perspective. A lot of Attendees did not realize that the Theme is Based of the Yearly Educational Trip, so it was exciting for me to Promote the Organization. Its also Fantastic to see Chefs so many Participate that did not go on the Trip.

Thanks to Everyone Involved and who Participated..

Earlier this Month Chef Victor Zarate Launched the Season Opener on March 11th @ Scarsdale Golf Club. Victor and his Team did not Disappoint.

We where also treated to Tequila Education. We Tasted 4 in Total. 3 in a Classroom setting and the Grand Finale 1942 Tequila for Dessert.

We also Spoke about some possibilities for the 2020 Trip. More Details to Follow.

Chefs our 2019 Calendar is Shaping up nicely, However CCW is still looking for a Host Club for Our Next Meeting which will Take Place in Late April or Early May..

If you are Interested and Able to Host Please reach out to me ASAP. I have some good education lined up …

It would be nice to see someone new or someone who has not hosted in a while Do it….

I realize this is a tough time of year for Everyone…

Reminder your 2019 Membership Dues are now Due.

Also Attached is some information about skiing from our Past President Lorcan O’Connell asked me to share with you.

Thanks and have a Great Weekend.


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