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Season Opener Meeting

Chefs – What a Great Evening we had Last Night. Its such a Busy Week for Us So a Big Thank You to the Manager of Coveleigh Mr. Ted Hennes CCM for letting us Host at his Club.

The Front of the House Staff was Gracious and the Service was Crisp.

I also Want to thank Incoming Chef Jerry Borkney and the Outgoing Interim Chef Mike Dolan and the rest of the kitchen team that did a Great Job on the Food. So many fine details that made the meal so Memorable. For Example: The Horderves where Original and Creative,

Each Mushroom on the Chicken Dish Perfectly Scored. The Chicken So Moist and Flavorful. As I said Last Night this is a tough week to host and then the added pressure of a new kitchen and getting Familiar with the Team in under a week. Spot On, Thank You!

Additionally I would like to Recognize Frank Scalabrino for introducing us to Carmine Durante from Liuzzi Cheese, thank you for brining your Cheesemaker. We have all made Mozzarella in the past, but I thought this was a great Refresher and to see some of the finer points on the Art. The Burrata was so fresh and Creamy..

Thank You and Wishing you All a Successful Mother’s Day Weekend!


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