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March Meeting

Hi Chefs,

Hope everyone has had a great winter and got some well needed time off! You all deserve it for the sacrifice of giving up you summers!

The next meeting to kick off this year will be at American Yacht Club! The date is set for Tuesday March 6 @ 6:00PM start time.

Chef Seth and Executive Sous Chef John will be demonstrating how to incorporate Liquid Nitrogen into you menus. Here is a quick overview of the education listed below Dinner will be amazing as they have a few surprises using LN2 throughout the evening. I will have a reminder email out the weekend before with additional details.

  1. Definition and Temperature

a. Liquid Nitrogen is Nitrogen in a Liquid state at an extremely low temperature.

b. Temperature -320.44 degrees Fahrenheit

c. Nitrogen makes up 78% of the earths atmosphere. Liquid Nitrogen is its coldest form.

  1. Holding and Storing

a. High Pressure

b. Low Pressure

c. Storing (indoor/outdoor/Vessel ex. Dewar’s )

d. Dispensing

e. Dissipation

  1. Safety

a. Hand and Eye Protection

b. Pressure

c. Submersion of Limbs vs Splattering

d. Consuming

  1. Applications

a. Cryogenic Frying

b. Cocktails

c. Freezing Berries

d. Shells (Raspberry Coulis, Ice Balloon)

e. Popcorn Dust

We also have the election of the new board that need to take place at this meeting. We must have a quorum of our membership to make the the election valid. We are excited to announce the slate of the new board.

President - Chef Andrew Ladd of NYAC Travers Island

Vice President - Chef Seth Wernow of American Yacht Club

Treasurer - Chef Joe Moore of Milbrook Club

Secretary - Executive Sous Chef Kierstin Wainwright of Beach Point Club

We have a great night planned and hope you all can make it. Please RSVP to Chef Seth at Again please RSVP so we can be as prepared as possible for the fantastic night.


Austin Braswell

Executive Chef

The Blind Brook Club

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