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February Update

Greetings Chefs,

I just wanted to get a quick update to everyone, this month we are taking vacation from a meeting. Most of us are closed down and relaxing from a busy year. Wishing you all a good time off!

Our next meeting is going to be Monday March 13th at 6:00 PM at Siwanoy Golf Club in Bronxville. Chef Anibal is very excited to host us so please mark your calendars. I will have a update at the end of the month with a reminder and the education.

We had an amazing trip to Sicily last month. We really packed in the education, diners and historical sites. I included a few of the pictures and am working to have all of them on the website very soon.

The first group pictures is at La Madia a Michelin stared restaurant. The chef seated in the front of the picture below came back from vacation early just to host us! The second picture is Gnocchi with Snail Caviar, SNAIL caviar? Who would of known about that. The next picture is of the Duchess of Palermo who hosted us for a cooking class and lunch at her palace. The fourth picture is a group shot as we were leaving her palace. The fifth picture is the red shrimp of Sicily incased in a beet cage. Mimicking how the fisherman from the area catch the shrimp. Quite impressive. The final picture is us making cous cous from scratch with Filippo Drago a grain miller.

We came back with some great ideas and memories that will last a life time.

The spring months are filled and many thanks to the chefs for hosting.

April - New York Athletic Club-Chef Andrew Ladd

May- Brae Burn Country Club-Chef Max Shteyman

Have a great vacation,

Austin Braswell

Executive Chef

The Milbrook Club

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