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June 2015 Newsletter

Hello Fellow Club Chefs,

Our summer season is well under way and I hope it is going smoothly for all of you. We are fast approaching our July 4th weekend which for many is almost a midpoint of the season. It won’t be long until Labor Day is in our sights and the mad rush to the end of summer is upon us!!

I would like to thank Raymond Hollanda at Lotos Club for hosting our meeting on May 26th. We had a terrific education seminar with Alex Talbot (Thanks Lenny for setting that up!) and that was followed by a great dinner from Chef Raymond and his crew.

We are planning our Restaurant Dinner for July 7th at Saint George Bistro in Hastings on Hudson.

Cocktails and Drinks will be served at 6pm with dinner to follow at approximately 6.45pm. The price will be $80 per person. We encourage you to bring your spouse, significant other to this event. The dinner is open to members in good standing so please ensure your dues are up to date.

I will also put a link on the website for an invoice for the dinner.

Thanks to Austin Braswell for his work in setting this up for us. It promises to be a great evening. We are limiting the event to 40 people so get your reservations to me early!! Email me at

I look forward to seeing everybody there!

Have a great Indepence Day Weekend.



It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it. -Julia Child

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