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January 2013 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Club Chefs,

I hope that this newsletter finds you and your families well in the beginning of the New Year.

I want to thank Chefs John Krall and Michael Dolan for organizing an amazing culinary trip to

Naples and Rome Italy. I believe that everyone that attended will agree some very delicious

food and wine as well as some great company.

On another note I want to thank Chef Jeff Perez, President of Club Chefs of Connecticut,

for bringing Metropolitan Club Chefs, Westchester Club Chefs and the Chefs Association

of Westchester and Lower Connecticut together for a BBQ lecture and Q&A with BBQ

Master Steve Raichlen followed by a wonderful BBQ Buffet Luncheon by Executive Chef Max

Schmutzer at the Doral Arrowwood. The menu consisted of Caesar Salad with flame charred

Pepper Bisque shooter,Smoked Paprika Baby Backs with Bourbon Brown Sugar Sauce,

Coffee Crusted Brisket with Red Eye BBQ Sauce, Planked Trout with Lemon Dill Cream,

Smoked Roasted winter Root Vegetables, Four Bean Baked Beans , Hellfire Cole Slaw

and Smoked Roasted Apple Crisp with Smokey Glenlivet Ice Cream. Thanks Chef Max for a

very Smokey Tasty Lunch, and thanks to Steve Raichlen for his lecture on BBQ and

autographed BBQ Bible cookbook.

The date of our next meeting and education will be posted ASA.

Culinary Regards,

Peter Haering

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